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Viking App

I've been doing some freelance design work for Mobile Vikings, the Belgian mobile provider, for the past couple of years. I've had a lot of fun working for these guys, and when they asked me to design their official Mobile Vikings app for iOS and Android, I jumped at the chance.

We wanted to create a simple app for customers to be able to monitor their usage, communicate easier with other Vikings and also gain insights into how they are using their account. One of our priorities was to represent this data in a visually intriguing way using colour and infographics.

Features of the app

  • See your real-time usage.
  • See which of your friends are also Vikings.
  • Get insights into your life as a Viking.
  • Instantly top up your SIM from wherever you are.


There were quite a lot of UX challenges in this project. We had to make tough decisions with the UI and flows to make sure we delivered the relevant, useful information but didn't overwhelm the users with features they didn't need. We spent a lot of time trying out different design options and user testing to make sure we delivered the best app we could for each platform.

Get it today!

To use the app, you'll need to be a Mobile Vikings customer. If you're in Belgium, I'd highly recommend them for their straightforward plans and excellent customer service. You can become a Viking here.

Download the Viking App for iPhone

Download the Viking App for Android

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