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Sleepasaurus - Dinosaur Sleep Trainer for Kids

Every parent knows that getting your kids to sleep can be a nightmare, and anything that can encourage them to not jump on your bed at 5:00am is a big plus. Our developer, Alain has two young boys who are early risers, so we tried to come up with an idea on how to get them to sleep longer.

Playing on the boys’ obsession with dinosaurs, we came up with Sleepasaurus. It’s a sleep trainer and nightlight that encourages children to stick to a sleeping schedule decided by the parents.

How It Works

When it’s time for bed, kids can choose one of the 7 animated dinosaurs to be their 'sleeping buddy'. They sprinkle magic dust on them to send them off to sleep and that dinosaur will stay asleep until the morning, encouraging the child to do so as well.

Waking Up

The wake up time for the dinosaur is set by the parents in the parents-only section, where they can also turn on optional wake up and go to sleep music. Sleepasaurus is a fun alternative to the boring nightlight when it’s plugged in. It works with day/night visual clues rather than a clock so the youngest kids can tell when it’s time to get up.

Tips on using Sleepasaurus

  • Turn off wifi and cellular. Put the app in Airplane Mode so the child is not disturbed at night. The app doesn’t need any internet connection to work.
  • You can also lock the device to avoid the child opening any other apps while Sleepasaurus is running. Here’s a guide on how to do that.
  • The app must be plugged in if you want to use it as a nightlight. We would advise that the device is in view, but not within reach of the child.
  • The alarm function will also only work when the app is plugged in.

Get it today!

The perfect device for using Sleepasaurus on would be an old iPod Touch or perhaps a previous generation iPhone or iPad that you can dedicate for the evening. If you don’t want to leave your device in the child’s bedroom, simply allowing them to put the dinosaur to sleep on your iPhone before bed may be enough to encourage them to go to sleep.

We had a lot of fun building Sleepasaurus and we hope it helps to alleviate any night-time stress with your little ones. Sweet dreams!

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