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Bit - The Time Travelling Caveman

Bit - The Time Travelling Caveman
Bit - The Time Travelling Caveman - Alex Agnew Bit - The Time Travelling Caveman Bit - The Time Travelling Caveman Bit - The Time Travelling Caveman

The Story

Bit is a simple caveman, living in a world of pixels. Wonderful dinosaurs and animals roam the forests of Pixel Land and Bit loves it there. Everything changes when he finds himself frozen in a block of ice.

Thawed out millions of years later by strange creatures from the future, Bit has to find a way back to his own time...

Bit - The Time Travelling Caveman

The Project

By far our most ambitious project yet, Bit was a big challenge to complete. But hey, retro gaming, dinosaurs and time-travel? What's not to love? This was my first foray into writing a story for children, and I loved it. I hope we can make a lot more. I also really enjoyed working in the 8-Bit style. Sometimes a challenge, but tonnes of fun.

Retro Mini Games

Kids can visit the arcade and play some classic retro video games. Whack some moles, shoot the invaders from space or help the little penguin across the lake. Unlimited replays, no quarters needed!

Bit - The Time Travelling Caveman

8-Bit Style Graphics & Soundtrack

Funnily enough, Pixel Land is made of pixels! All the trees, rivers, volcanoes and animals are rendered in colourful, 8-bit style. That is, until Bit ends up in another time where things aren’t quite the same…

Featuring the Voice of Alex Agnew

Belgian comedian, Alex Agnew, narrates our story and takes you through Pixel Land with his range of funny voices. The story can be read in either English or Dutch. It was great to get to work with Alex. Really funny guy and it was quite the experience seeing him bring our characters to life!

Bit - The Time Travelling Caveman

Get the app

This interactive storybook has tonnes of fun stuff in it. It's aimed at 4-8 year olds, but the retro games are fun for any age group. I'm particularly fond of Whack-A-Mole myself. There are no ads or in-app purchases or things like that, so your kids can enjoy without any worries!

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