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dConstruct 2015

I'm a huge fan of dConstruct, so it was a thrill to be asked to put together the website for the 2015 edition of the Brighton based conference.


When Andy Budd reached out to me, mentioning that this year's theme would be 'Designing The Future' and that he wanted to go for a retro-futuristic style, I was ecstatic. Who knew you could get a job drawing futuristic, floating cities and flying cars?

I immediately started sketching out some ideas for a futuristic version of Brighton in 3015. Drawing inspiration from vintage 50s advertisements and of course The Jetsons, I had this vision of many great minds coming together for a glorious event to decide on the future.

The Website

I put together an illustration of a floating, domed city as the main visual when you arrive on the page, which included a few nods to Brighton like the famous pier and astronauts sitting on a floating beach in spacesuits. As you scroll on down the page, the speaker lineup, location and sponsors are laid out in slanted sections with retro, sometimes messy design elements, all combining to create a unique visual style for the conference.

It was a lot of fun working on this, particularly because it was something different from the usual flat, minimal websites with white text over fullscreen images.

Visit the dConstruct website

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