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Dodos Are Not Extinct

Dodos Are Not Extinct Dodos Are Not Extinct Dodos Are Not Extinct

Psst! Hey you! Can you keep a secret?

Dodos are NOT extinct!

In fact, if you look extra closely, you might be able to spot other extinct animals . . . like woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and even dinosaurs! These famous creatures are in disguise everywhere, so keep your eyes peeled! You never know who might be right under your nose.

This is ‘DODOS ARE NOT EXTINCT’! It's my second author illustrated picture book, published by yeehoopress on 8th February 2022. It's jam packed with dinosaurs, mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers. I’m a huge fan of extinct animals, so this was an absolute treat to create.

It follows a bunch of animals who you thought were extinct, but in fact they’ve just been cleverly hiding out in plain sight. Ideal for any kids interested in animals. And there might be some scientific facts in there too! It'll be released in Chinese and English to start with, and hopefully with more languages on the way!

“HILARIOUSLY SILLY and ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! (Now I know why my teacher had such a long tail.)” – Karl Newson, I Am a Tiger

“Deliciously daft, beautifully illustrated, and a wonderful way to get children to really look at the wildlife around them.” – M.G. Leonard, Beetle Boy

If you’d like a copy please order already via your local bookshop, or it’s always available at the usual places online.

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