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Learny for iPad

Learny is an iPad app for kids, packed with colour, shape, letter & memory games. Kids can work their way through different levels in each game category, learning at their own pace and covering a range of development skills with a variety of animals to keep them company.


We built Learny for our client, Sanoma, as part of their Innovation Lab and it was a pleasure to work with them. We were granted a lot of creative freedom with the project, and were presented with the interesting challenges of keeping it simultaneously entertaining and educational for kids. Getting to draw dinosaurs and animals all day wasn't bad either!

Parent Dashboard

One of Learny's unique features is that it includes a dashboard for parents. Hidden away from the kids, parents can access this area to monitor how their child interacts with the app, which games they love more than others, how long they've played, which specific shapes/colours/letters they have difficulty with and more.

Get Playing and Learning!

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Available for hire

Are you looking for someone to design & build your iOS app? Alain & myself are available for new iOS projects! No matter if it's for kids or adults, shoot us an email with a description of your app idea, your budget and your deadline.

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