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Wee Trains for iPad/iPhone

What is Wee Trains?

Kids can design and build their own trains and travel to fun, game-filled worlds. With over 100 engines and carriages to choose from. Kids will be entertained for hours as they play the conductor in Wee Trains. If your kids are crazy about trains, this is the app for them.

Who's it for?

Aimed at kids aged between 3-6 years old, Wee Trains is text-free so even the youngest kids can play intuitively.

Mini Games

12 different mini games to play in Wee Trains. Pick up passengers at the station, repeat the music tune, pick the correct number of fruit from passing trees and construct pipes to fill carriages with water. And what happens when the train breaks down? Play to find out.

Design Your Own Train

Kids can visit the workshop to paint their own trains and decorate them with stickers. Afterwards they can play with their fun creations in the game!

Unlock Fun Rewards

There are train tickets along the way each time your kids play. If they grab them, they can unlock new engines, carriages, stickers and levels to play with next time.

Download Wee Trains

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